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Mechanika do Silnika - Serwis i Naprawa Silnik├│w w Warszawie

Am I a book smart mechanic? #shorts

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Remove head block from Cummins 6.7 engine

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Pobrane z Youtube Deutz, Perkins, JCB, CAT, Cummins, John Deere, Naprawa, serwis i regeneracja serwomotor├│w. Wymieniamy ┼éo┼╝yska, wywa┼╝amy wirniki. Sprawd┼║! Kompleksowa naprawa i serwis serwomotor├│w. Szybko i skutecznie w Warszawie. Wykonujemy kompleksowe remonty silnik├│w diesla oraz benzynowych do samochod├│w wszystkich marek. Wykonuj─ůc regeneracj─Ö silnika wymieniamy w Warszawie.

30 thoughts on “Am I a book smart mechanic? #shorts

  1. I'll point out the obvious Ryan and remind you this is your channel. Make videos of what you want. how you want and when you want. A comment like that did not come from a subscriber. It was most likely a passing scumbag, jealous of what you know, can do and the fact you have the balls to post videos on Youtube. If you're going to say anything to haters, try f–k off and leave it at that.

  2. Ain't gonna lie I thought you were just "book" smart when I seen you use a impact on the head but then I realized you were talking it off vs putting it on. It pays to watch the whole video guys!

  3. That's because we are Mechanic's Jack of all trade.can do anything we put are minds to.because we were tought by those whose no's the secrets and that's been there done that.or thrown into it and self tought.we didn't have YouTube and google..but all said mechanics have the no how.unlike book smart technician that come into the field and barley know how to do anything.thats just my experience.

  4. Ok now book smart or working for years is not and does not equal knowledge, know it is great that you share, a good mechanic, tradesman will pass on the information so others will have a easyer,or know it can be dun.

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