Serwis i Naprawa Silników w Warszawie

Mechanika do Silnika - Serwis i Naprawa Silników w Warszawie

Most Embarrassing MOT with Our Land Rover

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Our Land Rover Discovery 3 did not pass the MOT inspection. In this episode we fix the majority of the issues to get the car back on the road. We also replace the engine oil and have some fireworks.
We are not liable for any harm you do to your car, your engine, your surroundings or yourself. Use the information given in this video at your own risk.

Thanks for watching,
Vera & Christian

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Pobrane z Youtube Serwis i Naprawa Silników w Warszawie – Mechanika do Silnika – Serwis i Naprawa Silników w Warszawie. Naprawa silników, remonty kapitalne Warszawa. Warszawa zajmują się kompleksowym serwisem silników samochodowych. W ofercie diagnostyka naprawa i remont silnika. Umów się na serwis.

Naprawa Silnika Warszawa

Naprawy silników na terenie Warszawy dokonujemy niemal każdego dnia i mamy bazę zaufanych klientów, którzy potwierdzą, że jesteśmy godnym zaufania mechanikami samochodowymi. Wymiana poduszki silnika, naprawa silników Audi,,naprawa silników BMW,,naprawa silników Citroen,,naprawa silników Dacia,,naprawa silników Fiat,,naprawa silników Ford,,naprawa silników Hyundai,,naprawa silników Kia,,naprawa silników Mercedes,,naprawa silników Nissan,,naprawa silników Opel,,naprawa silników Peugeot,,naprawa silników Renault,,naprawa silników SEAT,,naprawa silników Skoda,,naprawa silników Toyota,,naprawa silników Volkswagen,,naprawa silników Volvo,,,naprawa silników Abarth,,naprawa silników Alfa Romeo,,naprawa silników Alpina,,naprawa silników Aston Martin,,naprawa silników Bentley,,naprawa silników Cupra,,naprawa silników Dodge,,naprawa silników DS,,naprawa silników Ferrari,,naprawa silników Fuso,,naprawa silników Honda,,naprawa silników Ineos,,naprawa silników Isuzu,,naprawa silników Iveco,,naprawa silników Jaguar,,naprawa silników Jeep,,naprawa silników Kawasaki,,naprawa silników Lamborghini,,naprawa silników Land Rover,,naprawa silników LEVC,,naprawa silników Lexus,,naprawa silników MAN,,naprawa silników Maserati,,naprawa silników Maxus,,naprawa silników Mazda,,naprawa silników McLaren,,naprawa silników MINI,,naprawa silników Mitsubishi,,naprawa silników Piaggio,,naprawa silników Porsche,,naprawa silników RAM,,naprawa silników Renault Trucks,,naprawa silników Rolls-Royce,,naprawa silników Seres,,naprawa silników Skywell,,naprawa silników Smart,,naprawa silników SsangYong,,naprawa silników Subaru,,naprawa silników Suzuki,,naprawa silników Tesla,,Andoria naprawa silników ,Autobianchi naprawa silników ,Cadillac naprawa silników ,Caterham naprawa silników ,Chevrolet naprawa silników ,Chrysler naprawa silników ,Corvette naprawa silników ,Daewoo naprawa silników ,Daewoo Motor naprawa silników ,Damis naprawa silników ,DMC naprawa silników ,FSO naprawa silników ,GAZ naprawa silników ,GAZ-AVC naprawa silników ,Hummer naprawa silników ,Infiniti naprawa silników ,Intrall naprawa silników ,Izera naprawa silników ,Lada naprawa silników ,Lancia naprawa silników ,LDV naprawa silników ,Ligier naprawa silników ,Lotus naprawa silników ,LTI naprawa silników ,Maybach naprawa silników ,MG naprawa silników ,Polski Fiat naprawa silników ,Rover naprawa silników ,Saab naprawa silników ,Tata naprawa silników, serwis subaru, serwis silnik naprawa, Mechanika do Silnika – Serwis i Naprawa Silników w Warszawie, naprawa pomp wtryskowych,

Nasi Mechanicy zajmują się kompleksowym serwisem silników samochodowych. W ofercie diagnostyka naprawa i remont silnika. Umów się na serwis.

Warsztat Mechaniki, Elektryki Samochodowej, Mechanik Diagnostyka, Mechanika Samochodowa Diesel, LPG, oraz Serwis Samochodowy i naprawa silników, Naprawa silnika to kosztowna usługa w cenniku w większości serwisów samochodowych. … W tym czasie mechanik samochodowy szlifuje wał karbowy zapraszamy.

42 thoughts on “Most Embarrassing MOT with Our Land Rover

  1. Let me know if you guys want a new workshop/barn/carriage house built using traditional timber framing and insulated to passive house standards. Then you can work in comfort regardless of heat/rain/snow/cold.

  2. Happy new year to all of you. Appreciate all the cool videos from last year. May the LR ghost be with you this year also. Making this content with a Land Cruiser is impossible, changing from summer to winter tires and vice versa once a year would have made pretty dull videos 😀

  3. Happy New Year 🎉 and thanks for the really great videos of 2022. We really appreciate the effort you make in keeping us entertained and informed on the Discos. It’s a pleasure to support you. I hope 2023 is free of main bearing failures for you and all the other Patrons and viewers and especially us!

  4. Happy New Year! Vera and Christian. Thanks for another entertaining video. Looking forward to the rear suspension video – I need to do mine too. I have decided to fit all new bushes as the arms are in mint condition.

    Health and happiness for 2023 🍾

  5. Here in the US, I just ordered Motul X-Clean Gen2 5w-40 to replace the 0w-30 VW 507 oil in our Q7 V6 TDI. This Motul qualifies for the new VW 511 rating, which appears be identical to the 507 spec except that it’s 5w-40. It’s still ACEA C3 rated. Hope this helps the VW/Audi folks. Thanks for the encouragement to do my research. 😊

  6. Christian, when you inspect the engine oil filter next time try cutting out the filter element with a box cutter, utility knife (stanley knife in Australia) then when you have cut say a rectangular piece out, say 75mm by the height of the filter, you can then place the paper element piece you cut out in the vice and squeeze the oil out of it, then you can inspect the element better, also check out fitting a bypass filter element on your engine, this will help get rid of the nasty and very abrasive carbon pieces floating around in your engine oil which are smaller than 10micron.

    Some links for bypass filters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQK3KxFuhrI&ab_channel=InsaneDiesel

  7. Happy New Year.. and I trust you went to church on Christmas day.. Vera said something about needing a new battery ok and I presume that means a new expensive 90AH battery. Well you don't need that capacity if you make a simple change to the battery wiring.

    We just did a 1200 Km round trip with our small caravan with our Disco 3 fitted with a quantum battery! It is exactly the same I have installed on my Toyota High Ace van and my wife's Toyota Corolla except they don't need a battery isolator like the Disco 3 does.

    My quantum battery is a high quality 20AH AGM motorcycle battery (made in the USA) paralleled with six Chinese 500 mfd supercapacitors. I think the only reason for fitting a 90AH battery to the Disco 3 was the parked and locked service current measured at 352 milliamps! I fixed a manual battery isolator switch to the back of the bull-bar connected between the battery +ve and the relay/fuse bank so it does not isolate the battery from the starter motor and alternator so if it is disconnected when the engine is running it will not destroy the alternator.

    I also added a small solar panel (sits on the dash) permanently wired to the battery which works very well for longer time storage (not in a closed garage).. but I know you don't have bull-bars or sunlight so this might not help Vera.

  8. Happy New Year Vera and Christian
    You always install a lot of confidence in my Discovery 4 every time I watch your video. I'm going to need a lot as I am taking it on the Canning Stock Route this year
    You can keep that cold stuff it's a lovely 31c here today in sunny South Gippsland, Victoria
    PS my name is now on the list

  9. Happy New Year Vera and Christian. It is not cold here in Australia where I live. It was 42 degrees here a few days ago. Thanks for the great videos over the last year.

  10. i ordered the same toolkit as you, the Gedore Red big box, and I am really pleasantly surprised at the quality for the frankly amazing price. It is made in Taiwan, to German specs. The only problem part is the 1/4" ratchet, which is really not smooth, so I gave myself a Christmas present and bought a Stahlwille fine-toothed replacement for that one 😀 I still need to buy some spanners, both metric, imperial and Whitworth, since I am planning on getting a Range Rover Classic two-door, but that has time.

    Happy New Year! And a good slide 😉

  11. Educational and amusing (as always).
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year too.
    Already looking forward to next week's upload.
    PS Your What-Cruiser jokes made me laugh out loud!

  12. We have snow in Australia it’s just we have to go looking for it, it doesn’t come looking for us
    One other thing, I don’t want to be telling the master but as you need to have the oil cap off to remove the dumb ass engine cover I always put a rag in tbe hole, why? Because I once had a washer I’d missed leap off the cover and go straight down tbe bloody filler hole. Hours spent fishing with a magnetic pickup found it but what a panic

  13. “frohes neues Jahr”. Vera & Christian. Fantastic video in the cold 🥶 lol 😆 poor Vera 🙁 Well 2022 was absolutely brilliant watching you both on a Sunday work permitting 😊 So 2023 will be as good if not better 👍🏻 All the very best big kiss 😘 for Vera xx Stevie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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